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Solar Energy – Back to the Basics

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So what's all this fuss about energy? How to we investigate our renewable energy options, how or why solar energy works. Electricity as we know it keeps our food cold, keep us warm when it's cold outside, helps us washed the dishes, wash and dry the clothes if you use a washer / dryer and helps keep our food cold or frozen. It also runs a number of different items in the house for example your computer that you are using to read this, if you live in the country and are on a well it provides you with a way to pump water and so on. Then sometime during the month you get your electric bill, if you are like most people they complain about how expensive it is. Then we pay the bill and the cycle starts all over. Actually if we took the time to rethink the bill, for example you divide the total bill by 30 days or 31 days or buy how many days are in that month you will actually see that it's very affordable. For example if your bill is $ 100.00 and there are 30 days in that month it costs you $ 3.34 per day. But we all ask our self how can we lower the bill? Could Solar Energy actually save us money?

We all need energy to live. The sun provides the energy our planet needs to survive. It helps us grow our food, it gives our body some of the energy we need. But unfortunately there has been increased demand to find additional sources of energy or renewable energy that we can put to work for us. Do you know where all our energy get used? About 25% is used to get us from here to there or Transportation. 20% is used by industry. Homes and businesses used use nearly 12% and the largest shock, nearly 40% of all energy used in the United States goes to produce electric power. Now let's take the average house for example. The Department of Energy say that about 44% is used for heating; 33% for lighting, cooking and appliances; about 14% for heating water; and the final 9% for refrigeration. So if we can learn to harness energy just from the sun and wind, could we lower the amount of manmade energy we consume?

So how does all this solar energy stuff work or how do you go about capturing and storing solar energy that we've been talking about. Well the sun sun's rays are energy. There are PV solar panels that collect the sun's light energy or use a wind turbine to capture the winds energy. A brief explanation on storing and using the energy that we just collected. It flows to our controller and the controller is fed into batteries which store the energy you just collected. The batteries hold (store) the electric. Batteries are usually 12 or 24 volt DC. DC current for example is what your car runs on. So if you want to use it in your house you need to convert it to AC current. AC current is what most of the houses in the United States uses. In the past years technology is making solar electricity less expensive each year. Especially right now the downturn in the economy the maunerfactors has a surplus of products in our warehouses and the prices are dropping. Also as more and more people begin using solar energy or renewable energy the prices will continue to fall. As with anything you should keep up on all of the new solar energy products that are available. In future articles we will discuss how much your house needs in KW, along with a whole new glossary of terms used in this field.

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