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Skin Tightening Face Lift Results Without Surgery

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It does not take much convincing to persuade anyone to reduce lines and wrinkles and try to restore some of the smooth skin attractiveness of youth. Who could've imagined 40 years ago that you could turn on "radio" frequencies, just below your skin, and see the sort of skin tightening improvement that would seem like age in reverse.

Just Like A Face Lift Without The Scalpel. Getting face lift like skin smoothing results without surgery sounds too good to be true. However, such body image capabilities are quickly sprouting within the cosmetic enhancement industry due to the crushing demand for younger more attractive looks and body shape. Different kinds of light-energy devices have emerged which exploit the therapeutic potentials of modified energy devices as well as a respectable fear-of-surgery angst in the wider population.

Option: The Thermage Face Lift. When conventional electrical energy is adjusted into radio frequencies, all sorts of interesting targeting and body metabolism changes can be created. Radio frequency energy moves through the thermage transducer device to be targeted just below the skin on your face.

At this sub dermal depth, this sudden increase in energy causes your body to react in curious and beneficial ways. For one, even middle aged skin known for being slow growing, thin and wrinkled typically responds (like an inflammatory response) by triggering the production of more collagen. You ask "so what"? Well, this collagen increase is your skin's equivalent of filling-in-a-ditch. Only in this case a new supply of collagen results in a build-up which pushes up onto your face skin, filling in small lines and wrinkles.

What about deep furrows and wrinkles? Realistically, it would take a "full radio spectrum" of thermage like radio frequency therapy devices to treat the seriously deep facial crag and crevasses. For these extreme cases, traditional face lift or brow lift plus liposuction surgery may become the most practical aesthetic and economic solution.

Option: Cold Light Laser Skin Resurfacing. When your local skin care clinic does not invest in trend-setting equipment such as the thermage treatment, you'll want to look at equally useful technologies such as non surgical laser skin resurfacing, or even microdermabrasion.

In these skin rejuvenation treatments, the outer most layer of your face or forehead skin is lightly resurfaced, using light. Result? Rough dry patches can be smoothened, acne scars and age spots diminished, even broken blood vessels treated. New fresh glowing skin is released into the light of the day, meanwhile the finer lines, "crows feet" and wrinkles are markedly reduced. You'll get pain-free treatments, repeating weekly, without any significant down time, plus you'll avoid the discomfort and health risks of surgery.

Option: Peels, Astringents. Over 100 years of history supports the variety of astringent chemical peels now available as non surgical face lift enhancements. Think of sun damage, age spots, acne scars, fine lines as the target to these semi-corrosive skin lifting treatments. Basically, astringent chemical are lathered on you face, allowed to permeate the upper tissues areas. What happens next is that the outer facial skin tissue layer simply "separates" from the lower tissues. Treatment over and you're looking into the mirror at a decidedly wrinkle reduced face. And, all during your lunch time break.

Option: Grinding Down Skin Flaws With Dermabrasion. Healthy yet rough dry skin can take on the impact from the brush-and-burr diamond treatment and skin polishing impact of dermabrasion, and create fairly remarkable results in terms of skin smoothing and wrinkle reduction. Dermabrasion does not work for skin that is cut, unhealthy or infected with acne bacteria. Also, darker-skinned persons need to understand that the outer facial skin surface is being physically altered with dermabrasion, therefore may give rise to discoloring or uneven pigment patches.

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