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Finding A Wholesaler Or Dropshipper

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Step By Step in Finding a Reputable WS or a DS

In the following steps I will show you various ways you can find a great WS or a DS.

Step 1

First we need to decide if we want to do DS or carry our own inventory. I will basically define the two and you can decide which one suit's you best.


This type of supplier is very much like having your own wholesale supplier, except you do not carry your own inventory. Instead you are simply only buying the items you have actually sold. Basically it works like this. You list the product on your website or Ebay, then when the item sales you take the full amount for the product, once you have the money for the product and the customers address you send the supplier the customers address the funds for sending and buying it and they ship it out.


This kind of setup is a little bit simpler, and also more successful, but it is also riskier. This is because you have to buy, and house the inventory first. Then place it on your site for sale. Once the person buys it you simply take all the funds for yourself and ship the item to them.

After you have decided on a type of supplier you will then follow the below steps to find your DS or WS.

Finding a DS

There are several ways to do this the most common is to use a paid directory. Below I have a list of the best ones out there.

This is the cheapest one I know of and has a great directory. It costs $ 99 and you then simply get a log in ID and password. After that you are welcome to browse through the lists and find the right DS for your product. One disadvantage is that that it is a little harder to navigate through the drop shippers and sometimes you will need to look through a lot of lists before you find one, however it is much cheaper then the other 2 below.

This is the second cheapest with a price of $ 289. This has the same DS List as the one above, but it is easier to navigate through, and they also do some basic keyword research for you.

Doing it the free way

For those of you who are very Internet savvy you may be able to find your drop shipper using a free directory listing or using Google. Below is a list of free directories but keep in mind you will have to weed out the wholesale suppliers and advertising companies. Then I have a small segment on using Google.

Finding a Drop Shipper or a Wholesaler

Finding a Drop shipper / Wholesaler can be sometimes difficult and discouraging. So to make this process a little easier I have made up some simple instructions that can help you with this process.

Using Google or any other search engine to find Drop Shippers / Wholesalers

The first key to this is PATIENCE. The reason I say this is because you are going to have to shift through a lot of results to get the gold using this process. The first thing you want to do is identify your product and the different keywords you can use for it. I have an example below to demonstrate this process.

The Product is going to be air soft guns.

Step 1

Air soft Guns also known as, Pellet Guns, Prop Guns, the different types are, electric air soft guns, spring air soft guns, Gas and CO2 Air soft Guns. We can also use air soft gun accessories. Now what are the different types of keywords we can add to that to find drop shippers. These can include, Drop shippers, Wholesalers, Distributors, We can put these in front of or behind the first keyword above to help change the results. Now below I have a list of a few of the different keywords you can use to now find your drop shipper.

Air soft Guns Wholesalers

Air soft Guns Drop shippers

Pellet Guns Wholesalers

Pellet Guns Dropshippers

Now you could take all of these and put the end word or were it usually says Wholesaler, Drop shipper ext. So as you can see there are hundreds of different keywords you can use to find your supplier depending on how many variations your product name may have. Now don go and just start typing these in looking through the first 3 pages of results and then type the next one that has a small variation. What you want to do is put in a keyword if you can not find anything use a different one just make sure it is not that similar to the last one you used. In my personnel opinion if you can not find it within the first three pages that any further then that is no good, but you can use your own jurisdiction for this.

Drop shipper Outline

This outline is a script you can use when you contact your drop shipper.

Introduce yourself and your company

Explain to them that you are building a website and have hired professionals to help set it up for you

Ask them what they will need from you to become an affiliate

Provide them with the info they need

Now ask them what they can do for you

Also ask them if they do drop shipping

If they do then what is the rate, the return policy, If shipping is included

After that ask them how much there inventory fluctuates

Last of all ask them for the following info if you do decide to setup an account with them

You want product pictures and description.

Drop shipping price and policy

Return Policy

Shipping cost when it is flat rate or has variations to it.

Just remember that you are helping them just as much as they are helping you so be confident when talking to them, and if you are really nervous call the suppliers that you are not interested in first.

Source by Andy Goodrich

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